It is a breezy day with plenty of sunshine

Sorry Monday's report was a bit short. The local telephone company, the OTE, has been working on the phone lines on the island this week, as anyone who has been trying to get through may have found out. As we are all on dial-up connections here, and slow ones at the best of times, it is very frustrating to try to get onto the internet and stay on it long enough to actually get an email either in or out before the link is lost yet again. This is why the webcam images are often only partial ones - the link is dropped before the download is complete. Fortunately they seem to have turned their attentions to another part of the island's system today and I actually managed to stay on line for a whole 10 minutes this morning. Does this adequately explain why we don't provide continuous live webcam coverage of Symi harbour?!

It is a breezy day with plenty of sunshine out of the wind. The feathery sky suggests that it is probably blowing hard somewhere else and the flags left over from Monday's parade are still fluttering on the bridge.

The municipality is busy with its traffic control preparations for the season. A row of bright orange beacons lines the seaward verge opposite Pachos. This means that everyone now parks on the pavement on the other side of the road while drinking coffee at Pachos in the morning but it looks quite tidy and at least it means that only one side of the road is now parked up instead of two! Themistocles was out with a big pot of yellow road marking paint this morning, carefully ruling 'no parking' lines across the bus stop and other 'no parking' zones have been designated around the town. Enforcing them will be the challenge and visitors can do their own bit by following the rules to the letter when they hire bikes and cars, rather than just 'doing as the locals do' and blithely ignoring them.

Have a good week.


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