The valley below us is full of mist

A puddle of grey rain clouds has pooled over Greece and the forecast remains overcast and damp with temperatures in the low teens for the next few days. We have seen neither the sun nor the stars for some time. The clouds are so low that some mornings the valley below us is full of mist and Profiti Elias above us is wreathed in white. It is that time of year when laundry dries by gravity and every kitchen is festooned with wet socks.

New Year was very quiet with little in the way of conspicuous celebration. Apparently the new 'club' opened on the Pedi road over the holiday weekend but as it is heavily sound-proofed any festivities within were definitely not audible without. Gone are the days when we could sit in our garden and listen to the strains of bouzouki wafting across the valley on a Saturday night. Mind you, they've probably been replaced by techno-pop in which case it is just as well they are muffled by a reinforced concrete bunker.

The crew members of the Symi have resumed their grinding and chipping in the vehicle hold and large plastic buckets of red primer are lined up on the ramp, ready to deploy. Apart from a chap on the upper deck, cleaning seats, there is not a soul to be seen. Symi in January in the complete antithesis to Symi in August and it is possible to walk down the Kali Strata, spend several hours in the office and walk all the way back again afterwards without seeing a single other person.

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