Rows of purple hills and blue mountains

Autumn came whisking through on Saturday, disrupting ferries with gusts up to 30 miles per hour and causing such a swell that Rhodes harbour was closed for several hours on Sunday morning as it was impossible for the ferries to dock. Suddenly the horizon has come back into focus - rows of purple hills and blue mountains edge a deep blue sea and neat triangles of white sails glide briskly past. The temperature has dropped several degrees as the cooler temperatures of Europe blow down from the Black Sea and everyone feels more awake. It is only about 25 degrees today with low humidity.

It will warm up again towards the end of the week with temperatures around 30-35 degrees but the evenings should remain cool from now on. There are no strong winds expected down here in the next few days although anyone heading for the central or northern Aegean can expect some blustery weather and the odd thundershower.

Have a good week.


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