Drifts of white oregano flowers

The thermometer continues to climb steadily and the thunder clouds tease us on the horizon. We had a total of 4 mm of rain. Sufficient to liquefy the dust on the citrus and rose leaves and make it pool on the edges so they look as though they have been edged with white paint. It is the time for spiders to spin their webs high in the trees and grow fat on a diet of mosquitoes and flies. It is quite extraordinary to look up at daybreak when watering the tomatoes and see the webs, fat spider in the middle, silhouetted against the brightening sky. The sun now rises towards the centre of Pedi bay instead of creeping up from the ridge of hills behind us, a crimson sphere emerging from distant mauve mountains and reflected on the silver of the bay. There are some rewards for being an early riser!

The last patches of colour in the countryside are the drifts of white oregano flowers, populated as usual with little bronze beetles, and the neat lavender-blue flowers of wild chicory.

Our youngest batch of chickens is now growing up and one of the cocks is learning to crow, a strange gurgling sound, cockadoodle-urk. Little does he know that he and his brothers are being fattened for the pot - we already have 3 cocks which is more than enough to keep the hens happy!

Have a good weekend.


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