The Symi is docked below my window

The Symi is docked below my window, eager to depart for Panormitis and Rhodes. There are two large lorries struggling to make the turn to reverse on, to the accompaniment of 100 advisers and much argument. Tourists are craning over the top deck to watch the proceedings and other interested parties are starting to gather on the steps of our office and environs. After much palaver the larger one has managed to turn around and drive on forwards, presumably in the hope that reversing off in Rhodes is easier. There is just enough clearance to shut the ramp and they are off. With their departure I should be able to see if The World is still anchored off Nimos - (see above) yes, indeed it is. There is also a long sleek expensive sailing yacht lying off Harani with a big red ensign fluttering from the stern.

We had some really strong winds on Saturday and the boats were stopped until quite late in the day. There seems to be a pattern lately for the forecasters to be more optimistic than the reality. Can't say I'd like to be in one of the penthouse suites at the top of The World in any kind of heavy weather as she looks as though she would roll like mad. It's bad enough on the top deck of the ferry in a popple. Looking through the binocs it looks just like a low level apartment block with a point at one end... For that kind of money I think I'd want something a bit prettier looking! And what happens if you don't like your neighbours? It's not quite like a cruise ship where you only have to put up with each other for the duration of the voyage and that's that. At what stage does this turn into a floating prison with no escape until the next port of call? Maybe this could be the setting for a retro - 70s style disaster movie/thriller like 'Airport'or 'Towering Inferno'. Hmm.

And maybe I should stop staring out of the window and get back to work!

Have a good week.


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